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Top Quality Instruments For Cheap


Welcome to Top Quality Instruments For Cheap.  Here our Instruments are Top Quality and are Cheap Too.  We offer instruments such as Baritones, Trumpets, Drums, Guitars, Saxophones, Pianos, Cellos, French Horns and a lot more.  Plus all of our Instruments are on sale.  So enjoy your visit at Top Quality Instruments For Cheap.

Top Quality Musical Instruments For Cheap Below

All of our Instrument are on sale.... instruments are in alphabetical order.  A to H on the left and K to Z on the right.

SofiaMari SM-2648 Piano Accordion Zebra
Accordion Brands

Fender BG-32 Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar Natural
Acoustic Bass Guitar Brands

Acoustic Guitar Brands


Bagpipe Brands

Banjo Manufacturers

Baritone Brands

Fender Custom Classic J Bass V 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Cobalt Blue Rosewood Fretboard
Bass Guitar Brands

Fox Model 101 Bassoon
Bassoon Brands


Bell Brands

Pearl Primero Pro Oak Bongo Set Midnight Fade
Bongo Brands

Amati ABG 201II Bb Bugle
Bugle Manufacturers

Pearl Elite Tube Cajon Natural 12 Inches
Cajon Brands

Yamaha SVC-210SK Silent Cello Brown
Cello Brands

Buffet R13 Bb Professional Green Line Clarinet
Clarinet Brands

Pearl Primero Pro Oak Conga Set Midnight Fade
Conga Brands

Stomvi Master Titanium Bb Cornet Silver
Cornet Brands

Casio AL150R 88-Key Digital Piano
Digital Piano Brands

Pearl Elite Fiberglass Djembe Black Orchid/Black Onyx 14 Inches
Djembe Brands

Dean Pace Bass 4-String Electric Upright Black
Double Bass Brands

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Rhythm Machine
Drum Machine Brands

Ludwig Classic Maple 5-Piece Drum Set Maple
Drum Manufacturers

Yamaha DTXpress IV Special Electronic Drum Set
Electric Drum Brands

Gibson Custom Shop Engraved Les Paul Special - one of a kind  Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar Brands

Jupiter 464S Euphonium
Euphonium Brands

Silver Creek Model 5 Fiddle Outfit Antique Varnish
Fiddle Brands

Conn Vintage One 1FR Flugelhorn
Flugelhorn Brands

Pearl Flutes PF-765RBE Quantz Coda Series Flute
Flute Brands

Yamaha YHR-892D Custom Triple French Horn
French Horn Brands

Fender USA '70s Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White Rosewood Fretboard
Guitar Manufacturers

Hohner #7539 Hard Bopper Chromatic Harmonica C
Harmonica Brands

Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp
Harp Brands

RSQ CK-1 10-Disc Magazine Karaoke Player
Karaoke Players

VocoPro Twister II CD/Cassette Karaoke System
Karaoke Systems

Yamaha Tyros2 Digital Workstation Keyboard
Keyboard Brands

OmniSistem Stinger 1 Laser Projector Green
Lighting Equipment

Michael Kelly Octave Plus F-Style Mandolin Antique Tobacco Sunburst
Mandolin Brands

Shure UR124D/BETA87A Dual Bodypack Handheld Wireless Microphone System Ch L3
Mellophone Brands

Hohner HM-36 Professional 36 Melodica
Melodica Brands

CAD e300 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
Microphone Brands

Yamaha YOB-841 Custom Oboe
Oboe Brands

Roland VK-88 Combo Organ Kit
Organ Brands


Piano Manufacturers

Yamaha YPC-62 Professional Piccolo
Piccolo Brands

Apple Cinema HD Display 30
Recording Equipment

Yamaha YTS-875EX Custom Tenor Saxophone Silver
Saxophone Brands

Meinl Round Aluminum Double Shaker
Shaker Brands

Amati ASH 260 Sousaphone - Instrument Only
Sousaphone Brands

Cerwin-Vega CLS-10 10 IN 3-way Tower Speaker

Sound Percussion Double Row Tambourine 10 Inches
Tambourine Brands

Pearl PTS5134 13
Timbale Brands

Ludwig LK-P505-PG Professional Timpani Set-5
Timpani Manufacturers

Ludwig Triangle 10 Inch
Triangle Brands

Yamaha YSL-882O Xeno Professional Trombone
Trombone Brands

Trumpet Brands

Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
Tuba Brands

Pioneer CDJ1000MK3/DJM800 DJ Player / Mixer Package
Turntable Brands

Epiphone Masterbilt UKE-500M Mahogany Ukulele Natural Satin Nickel Hardware
Ukulele Brands

Josef Lazar Model 14 Viola Outfit 15.5 Inches
Viola Brands

Silver Creek Model 5 Fiddle Outfit Antique Varnish
Violin Manufacturers

Xylophone Brands


Music Concerts On DVD

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