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The Cowboy In Me Tablature - Tim Mcgraw Chords

  Tim McGraw - The Cowboy In Me Tab

I think this is pretty close to the way it is on the CD; if anyone can 
figure out the actual finger picking pattern for the 1st verse and the tab 
for the guitar solo, it would be greatly appreciated.

"The Cowboy in Me" by Tim McGraw
From his album "Set this Circus Down"
Written by Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, and Al Anderson

*Listen close to figure out the timing for the tab in the first verse
Tab for verse 1:

Verse 1 (Tab or chords can be played)
(D)I donít know why I (G)act the way I (D)do
(D)Like I ainít got a (G)single thing to (D)lose
(D)Sometimes Iím my (G)own worst ene(D)my
(D)I guess thatís just the(G) cow(A)boy in (D)me

Verse 2
(D)I got a life that (G)most would love to (D)have
(D)But sometimes I still(G) wake up fightiní (D)mad
(D)At where this road Iím(G) headiní down might(D) lead
(D)I guess thatís just the(G) cow(A)boy in(D) me

(D)The urge to run, the (G)restlessness
(D)The heart of stone I (G)sometimes get
(D)The things Iíve done for(G) foolish pride
(A)The me thatís never (D)satis(A)fied
(D)The face thatís in the (G)mirror when I (D)donít like (A)what I (G)see
(D)I guess thatís just the(G) cow(A)boy in(D) me

Tab for Solo:

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
(D)Girl, I know thereís(G) times you must have(D) thought
(D)There ainít a line youíve (G)drawn I havenít (D)crossed
(D)But you set your mind to (G)see this love on(D) through
(D)I guess thatís just the(G) cow(A)boy in(D) you

Verse 4
(D)We ride and never(G) worry about the (D)fall
(D)I guess thatís just the(G) cow(A)boy in (D)us all

Repeat solo or chords and fade out


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