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Susan Ashton Christian CDs

Some Susan Ashton CDs have free samples.

So Far: The Best Of Susan Ashton Vol. 1 Ashton, Susan
So Far: The Best Of Susan Ashton Vol. 1 (1995)

An Intimate Evening...Live (1998)  
Anne Murray
Anne Murray & Glen Campbell/Danny's Song (1971)  
Back To Back (2003)
Best...So Far (1994)   
Country Croonin' (2002)   
Croonin' (1993)   
Great Memories (2000)
I'll Always Love You/Somebody's Waiting (1978)  
Let's Keep It That Way/New Kind Of Feeling (1978)  
Love Songs (1992)  
Love Songs (2000)  
My Christmas Favorites (1999)
New Kind Of Feeling  
This Way Is My Way/Honey Wheat & Laughter (1969)  
What A Wonderful Christmas (2001)  
What A Wonderful World (1999)   
A Little Good News/Heart Over Mind Canada
Early Years Australia
Love Songs Remastered
Love Songs (2004) 
Something To Talk About/Harmony Canada
Special Collection England
Straight Clean & Simple
Together/Keeping In Touch (Remastered) Canada
Ultimate Collection England
Ultimate Collection England
Murray, Anne / Rogers, Kenny
  Love Songs Australia
Best...So Far (1994)  
Country Croonin' (2002)  
Love Songs (1992)  
My Christmas Favorites (1999)
What A Wonderful World (1999)  

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