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One Solitary Tear - Tab By Sherrie Austin

 Austin Sherrie Tabs, Guitar Chords
 One Solitary Tear Tab

One Solitary Tear

Intro: D  G  D  G

Verse One:
D                           A
Your love was reckless baby, I fell deep
C                          G
Easy to hold but you were hard to keep
F                      D
You were a heartache, waiting to be
Em                          A
We took off flying down a dead end street

Verse Two:
I never knew that love could, hurt so bad
When you said goodbye with a tip of your hat
I watched you leaving across the welcome mat
And though I know that you ain't coming back

              D    G              D
One solitary tear,   is all I'll cry
              Em      C        C7
One solitary tear,  falling, falling
Am7      C      A
Falling from my eye
               G   A         Bm   A  G
I'll get over you,  I'll get by
              Em    G  A  D
One solitary tear,  at a time

Verse Three:
Little things remind me, that you are gone
The mailman still brings all your catalogs
The radio just keeps on playing our songs
But I tell myself that I have to be strong


Instrumental: D  G  D  G
              Em C Am7 C7 D A

               G   A         Bm   A  G
I'll get over you,  I'll get by
              Em    G  A  Bm  A  G
One solitary tear,  at a time
              Em    G  A  D
One solitary tear,  at a time

Outro: D  G  D  F  G  D


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