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Manfred Mann


Welcome to Manfred Mann CDs.  We have Top Quality Manfred Mann's Earth Band CDs for cheap.  But Manfred Mann CD's is not all we have to offer, we also have Manfred Mann Imported CDs.  Plus all of our Manfred Mann stuff is on sale.  So enjoy your visit at Manfred Mann CDs.

Manfred Mann CDs - Manfred Mann's Earth Band CD's

Featured Item
Mann, Manfred2006
2006 (2005)
Hot Seller
Mann, ManfredSomewhere In Afrika
Somewhere In Afrika (1984)
Highly Rated
Mann, ManfredBest Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Featuring Blinded By The Light
Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Featuring Blinded By The Light

Manfred Mann CDs

2006 (2005)
Best Of EMI Years
Best Of Manfred Mann 
Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Featuring Blinded By The Light   
Criminal Tango (1989) Remastered
Glorified Magnified
Live (2001) Remastered
Manfred Mann Album/My Little Red Book Of Winners (1964)  
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (1972)  
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (1972)
Mann Alive (1998)
Messin' (1973)  
Messin' (1973)  
Nightingales And Bombers (1975) 
Pretty Flamingo/The Five Faces Of (1966) 
Roaring Silence 
Solar Fire (1973) 
Somewhere In Afrika (1984)
The Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Vol. 2 (2005)
Manfred Mann Imported CDs
2006  Germany 
5-4-3-2-1  Holland
All Manner Of Menn 1963-1969 & More (2000) Australia 
Angel Station (1979) United Kingdom
Angel Station (1979) Remastered; Germany
A's B's & EP's  Japan
A'S B'S & Ep'S  Australia 
As Is  Japan
As Is  Netherlands
At Abbey Road 1963-1966  England; France
Basic: Original Hits  Holland
BBC Sessions  CHN
Best Of Manfred Mann  England; France
Best Of Manfred Mann  England; Australia
Best Of The 60's (2000) Netherlands
Best Of The 60's  Holland
Best Of The EMI Years  Germany
Blindin  England; United Kingdom
Budapest Live (1984) England; United Kingdom 
Chapter Three  Japan; Remastered; Paper-Sleeve
Complete French Ep'S 1964-68  France
Complete Greatest Hits 
Complete Greatest Hits Of Manfred Mann  Germany 
EP Collection  United Kingdom
Five Faces Of Manfred Mann (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +13 Bonus Tracks
Greatest Hits 1964-69  Germany
Mann Alive (1998) England; United Kingdom
Mann Made (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +12 Bonus Tracks
Mann Made Hits  Japan +12 Bonus Tracks
Mann Made Hits & Other Delicacies  Australia
Mannerism (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Mannerisms  Netherlands
Masque  Germany
Mighty Garvey!  Japan
Mighty Gravy  Netherlands
Nightingales & Bombers (Remastered)  Germany +Bonus Tracks 
Nightingales And Bombers (1975) United Kingdom 
Original Gold  Holland
Singles Album  Australia
Singles In The Sixties  Holland 
Somewhere In Africa (Remastered)  Germany +Bonus Tracks
Soul Of Mann  Japan +13 Bonus Tracks
Soul Of Mann (Remastered)  Holland
Up The Junction (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Up The Junction (Sdtk) (1968) Netherlands
Up The Junction (Sdtk) (1968) England; United Kingdom 
Vol. 2  Japan; Remastered; Paper-Sleeve
Watch (1978) United Kingdom  
What A Mann  Japan
World Of Manfred Mann (1996) England

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