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Sherrie Austin - Lucky In Love Chords

Austin Sherrie Guitar Chords/Tablatures
Lucky In Love Tablature for Guitar

Intro: Dsus to D repeats (listen to CD for timing)

He was a hot-blooded rebel he was aiming to please
He had more than a tattoo up his sleeve
      G         Bb        C         D     Dsus-D
Mary-Lou, Peggy Sue, Suzy Q, Norma Jean
He was pretty at a picture on his motorbike
He never met a mirror that he didn't like
       G               Bb       C           D   Dsus-D
Sorry dude, with your rude attitude take a hike

A                            A
Goodness gracious mercy me, somebody tell me when will I be
G  D     G       D
Lucky, lucky in love
G              D             A
Roll myself a seven when I throw the dice
           G   D           G        D
I've been waiting for the king of hearts
G               D      A
Still I get the joker everytime
C           A             D    Dsus-D
When will I be, lucky in love

I met a sweet talking guy from Paris, Tennessee
He bought me french fries at the Dairy Queen
He came on strong, fore to long he was on bended knee
Now when I hear his footsteps up my block
I hear the tick of his biological clock
Sorry hon, gotta run it's been fun still in shock


Instrumental: G  D  A  D
              G  D  A  C  A  D  Dsus-D

C             A
Oh when will I be
          D    Dsus-D
Lucky in love

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