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John Hiatt CDs

Welcome to John Hiatt CDs.  We have Top Quality John Hiatt CDs for low prices.  But that's not all we have.  We also have John Hiatt DVD Audio, Imports, Singles, John Hiatt Cassettes, Information and John Hiatt Albums.  And its all on sale.  So enjoy your visit at John Hiatt CDs.

John Hiatt CDs

Featured Item
Hiatt, JohnMaster Of Disaster
Master Of Disaster (2005) SACD Hybrid

Hot Seller
Hiatt, JohnSlow Turning
Slow Turning (1988)

Highly Rated
John Hiatt CDs
Anthology (2001)

John Hiatt CDs

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of John Hiatt (2003)  Remastered 
Anthology (2001)  
Beneath This Gruff Exterior (2003)  
Best Of John Hiatt (1998) 
Bring The Family (1987)   
Bring The Family (1987) SACD Hybrid  
Crossing Muddy Waters (2000)  
Greatest Hits: The A&M Years '87-'94 (1998)  
Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan (1994)  
Master Of Disaster (2005) SACD Hybrid  
Perfectly Good Guitar (1993)  
Riding With The King (1984) 
Slow Turning (1988)   
Slug Line (1979)  
Stolen Moments (1990)  
Tiki Bar Is Open (2001)  
Two Bit Monsters (1980)  
Walk On (1995)  
Y'All Caught? The Ones That Got Away 1979-1985 (1989) 
John Hiatt DVD Audio
Bring The Family (2004) DVD-Audio
John Hiatt Imports
All Of A Sudden (1982) England 
I'll Never Get Over You  Japan
Living A Little, Laughing A Little (1974-1985)  Australia
Slow Turning  England
Slug Line/Two Bit Monsters (1979) England; United Kingdom
Warming Up The Ice Age (Remastered)  England
John Hiatt Singles
I'll Never Get Over You  Holland
John Hiatt Cassettes
Bring The Family (1987)  
Greatest Hits
Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan (1994) 
Little Head
Walk On (1995) 
John Hiatt Information
Over the decades, and in various quests to land his audience, the presentation of Hiatt's resilient songs changed to fit the times. Begining in the mid-'70s, he went from singer-songwriter to Elvis Costello-ish rocker to progressive-country/adult alternative icon. However, they all bear the craft of a superlative writer who finds his voice with both tender ballads and hotwired rockers.
Bring The Family (1987)   
Riding With The King (1984)   
Slow Turning (1988)   
Greatest Hits: The A&M Years '87-'94 (1998)  

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