Jesus Died For You Chords

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Jesus Died For You Chords - By Charlie Daniels

Daniels, Charlie
A Decade Of Hits (1983)



Artist: Charlie Daniels
Title: Jesus Died for You
Album: The Door
Transcribed by: Dr. Doogie
Submitted by: John Brewer, Jr.

A                      E
You may be down, you may be out
     F#m           E     D 
With nothing to be glad about
A                       E
But you can stand right up and shout
       D              E
'Cause Jesus died for you

A                  E    
You may think that you can't cope
    F#m             E         D
You may be drunk or hooked on dope
A                          E
Believe me brother, you've still got hope
       D              A
'Cause Jesus died for you

Maybe you ain't got a dime
You're standing in the welfare line
Or maybe you're in prison doin your time
But Jesus died for you

Satan may have you in retreat
But you won't go down in defeat
'Cause you can be sittin in the mercy seat
'Cause Jesus died for you

E                 D                       A   
He died for you - to complete salvation's plan
E                 D                       A       
He died for you - He's got nail scars in His hands
E                   A               C#m
He bore the cross - to sanctify the lost
All you've got to do is believe it,
Get down on your knees and receive it!

You may think you're too far gone
You've sinned so bad you can't atone
But bow your head and come on home
'Cause Jesus died for you


This ol' world keeps falling apart
But you don't have to let it break your heart
You can make a brand new start
'Cause Jesus died for you

Now Satan is a mighty foe
But just stand firm because you know
You've got a better place to go
'Cause Jesus died for you

When there's trouble in the wind
Or when you face the bitter end
You can start all over again
'Cause Jesus died for you

You can face death with a smile
Laugh at all your troubles and trials
Never have to walk another lonely mile
'Cause Jesus died for you

He died for you - to break the devil's hold
He died for you - to redeem your mortal soul
Don't be afraid - 'Cause you debt has done been paid
You just come and do your best
The Holy Spirit's gonna do the rest!



Makes no difference how wrong you've been
How heavy is your load of sin
The door's still open come on in
'Cause Jesus died for you

Now you may think you're too far gone
You've sinned so bad you can't atone
But bow your head and come on home
'Cause Jesus died for you
D              A
Jesus died for you
D              A
Jesus died for you



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