How Do You Like Me Now Guitar Tab

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How Do You Like Me Now Guitar Tab

How Do You Like Me Now Guitar Tab

How Do You Like Me Now - Toby Keith

Song:	       "How Do You Like Me Now"
Performed by: Toby Keith
Album:       "How Do You Like Me Now"
Writer:       ???

G* = X,10,12,12,12,10
C* = X35553
D* = X57775
G  = 320033
C9 = X32033
D  = XX0323
Am = X02210
Bm = X24432

G* C*-D* (play 4x) 

*note* if you don't already, try barring the little three string 
	 "A" part with your ring finger and hammer-on and pull-off 
	 in time with the music (listen to it for timing)

Verse 1:
Yeah I was always a crazy one, broke into the stadium
And I wrote your number on the fifty yard line
And you were always a perfect one and valedictorian
So under your number I wrote call for a good time
Am     Bm        C*       D*
I only wanted to get your attention 
G                     C9
But you overlooked me somehow
Am              Bm       C*            D*
Besides you had too many boyfriends to mention
G                          D-C9
And I played my guitar too loud

C9              G    
How do ya like me now
                  G                       C9
How do ya like me now, now that I'm on my way
                    G                   C9
You still think I'm crazy standing here today
                    G                            C9
I couldn't make you love me but I always dreamed about
               G                            G* C*-D* (play 2x)
Living in your radio, How do ya like me now

Verse 2: 
When I took off to Tennessee I heard that you made fun of me
Never imagined I'd make it this far
Then you married into money girl, ain't it a cruel and funny world
He took your dreams, and he tore them apart
Am             Bm              C*     D* 
He never comes home and you're always alone  
G                                   C9
And your kids hear you cry down the hall
Am                 Bm          C*            D*
Alarm clock starts ringing who could that be singing
G                              D-C9
It's me baby with your wake up call

*repeat chorus* (this time at the end of the chorus instead of playing 
                 the intro lick, go into solo *which I don't know yet*)

*behind solo*  G through almost all of until the end of it play D-C 
(come on, use your ears)

*repeat chorus* after the solo

play G D C through the rest of the song and fade out
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