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Honky Tonk Attitude Tabs By Joe Diffey


Honky Tonk Attitude - Joe Diffie

Intro:	D-C#-C  C-B-Bb   F   G

Verse1: G
	Well the beer's on the bar and the smoke fills the air
	and there's a fool in every corner man I just don't care
	C                                                G
	tight pants, line dance, stetson hats and cowboy boots
		   D                                   G
	they got a Friday night, get right, honky tonk attitude

	Well the waitress never leaves you with a half-empty glass
	and every girl's on the dance floor shakin' her... well
	it's a two step, three step, outta step, country mood
	they got a Friday night, get right, honky tonk attitude

Bridge: C7
	Well now everybody knows that's where everybody goes
	G                                G-G#-A
	just to dance away their blues
	so leave your cares behind, it's just a state of mind
	D7                         D-C#-C   C-B-Bb             F  G
	what have you got to lose

Solo:	(over 1 verse)

	hey bartender pour us another round, 
	we're just get gettin' started don't shut us down
	            (stop)      (stop)        (stop)
	we need a slow dance, romanced, last chance rendezvous
	we need a Friday night, get right, honky tonk attitude


Solo2:	(over one verse with different drum line)
Solo3:	(over one verse)


Coda:	if you've got a Friday night, get right, honky tonk attitude
	yeah you need a Friday night, get right, honky tonk attitude

	Charted by Rick Schofield (rds@rds.mv.com)



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