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Holdin And Chords By Diamond Rio

All American Country (2003)


Diamond Rio Guitar Chords/Tablatures
Holdin Tablature for Guitar


Diamond Rio (Diamond Rio IV)

By: Kelly Garrett, Craig Wiseman     Transcribed by: Paul Stranieri

Key of G

Intro  G Em D C :||

Verse 1
G              C            G           C
Parked down on lover's leap steamin' up his old heap
G          C               D
two lovers stare up at the stars
G                C            G          C
somewhere in the lights below two houses all aglow
G                 C                   D
parents wonderin' where on earth they are
             Em         D        C                 Em      D      C
'cause their folks have tried to tell them this is way too serious
    Em          D          C
and while their mama's are waitin' up they're

G        C       G        C       Em       D    C
Holdin', lovin', kissin', huggin' come whatever may they keep
G      C         G        C
Goin', dreamin', smilin', believin'
     Em      D       C         D            G       Em D C
that nothin' matters like this love they're holdin'

Verse 2
G                    C            G                    C
A few years and some weddin' vows a quarter acre and a little white
G         C               D
more than they can well afford
          G                 C             G                C
and those easy payments are gettin' tough all the overtime ain't enough
G          C                D
still they couldn't ask for more
             Em            D            C        Em       D
'cause that 'ole hill that they've been climbin' might be gettin' steep
        Em         D       C
oh, but they don't seem to mind it they keep

Repeat Chorus

C                           G          D
As they rock their new born baby fast asleep
C                            G               D
they know the most important lesson they can teach keep on

Repeat Chorus

          G       Em D C G Em D C G
Just keep Holdin'

         Chord Chart

         E A D G B e
      G  3 2 0 0 0 3
      Em 0 2 2 0 0 0
      D  x x 0 2 3 2
      C  3 3 2 0 1 0

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