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Choices Tab And Lyrics - George Jones

50 Years Of Hits 50 Years Of Hits (2004)

By George Jones
From Album: Cold Hard Truth, 1999


D                                G
I've had choices, since the day that I was born
D                           Bm                      A
There were voices, that told me right from wrong
            D           G     
If I had listened, I wouldnt be here today 
D    G       D                    A           D
Living and dying, with the choices I made

G      A                      G           D
I was tempted, by an early age I found 
G      A                       G                   D
I like drinking, oh and I never turned it down 
there were loved ones, but I turned them all away 
D    G      D                    A           D
living and dying with the choices I made


G              A                G                       D
I guess I'm paying, for the things that I have done
G           A                     G            D
If I could go back, oh lord knows I'd run
but I'm still losing, this game of life I play
D    G      D                    A           D
living and dying with the choices I made


D    G      D                     A           D
Living and dying with the choices I made


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