Cats In The Cradle Chords

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Cats In The Cradle Chords By Harry Capin For Guitar

Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle

(Intro) --> [E](7th fret) [D](1st position) [E](1st position)
For the Intro I play a simple chord melody using these chords with a lot of
ornimentation -- not seen here. Listen to the original song to hear the intro 
melody. I don't play this version with a capo as it fits my voice better,
however use a capo if needed. Most of the chords used are basic 1st position.
The A/C# Chord is an "A" chord with a C# (A-string-4th fret) in the bass
X42220. All of the other chords are played in 1st position, unless you want to 
play them elsewhere (I shouldn't have to tab out basic 1st position chords).
Questions/Comments . . . Ian C.T. vom Saal -

(Verse 1)
My [E] child arrived just the [G] other day, He [A]came to the world in the [E] usual way
But there were [E] planes to catch and [G] bills to pay, He [A] learned to walk while I [E] was away 
And he was [D] talking 'for I [A/C#] knew it, and [Bm] as he grew
He said [G] "I'm gonna [Bm] be like [E]you, dad, you [Bm]know I'm gonna [D]be like [E]you"

And the [E] cat's in the cradle and the[D] silver spoon,

[G] Little boy blue and the [A] man in the moon

[E] "When you commin' home dad?" "I [D] don't know when,

But [G] we'll get [Bm]together then[E], You [G] know we'll have a [Bm]good time [E]then"
(Verse 2)
My [E] son turned ten just the [G] other day, He said [A] "Thanks for the ball dad, come [E] on let's play
Can you [E] teach me to throw", I said [G] "Not today I got a [A] lot to do", He said [E]"Thats OK"
He [D] walked [A/C#] away but his [Bm] smile never dimmed, 
He said [G] I'm gonna [Bm] be like [E] him, yeah, You [Bm] know I'm gonna [D] be like [E]him
(Verse 3)
Well he [E]came from college just the [G]other day, So [A] much like a man I just [E]had to say
"Son I'm [E]proud of you can you [G]sit for a while?" He [A]shook his head and he[E] said with a smile,
"What I'd [D]really like [A/C#] dad is to [Bm] borrow the car keys, 
[G]See you [Bm] later can I [E]have them please?"
*(Instrumental Bridge)*
[C] - [D] - [Bm] - [E] 2X
(Verse 4)
I've [E] long since retired, my [G]son's moved away, [A] I called him up just the [E] other day
I said "I'd [E]like to see you if [G]you don't mind", He said "I'd[A] love to dad if I could[E]find the time,
You see the my [D]new job's a[A/C#]hassle and the [Bm]kids have the flu 
But it's [G]sure nice [Bm]talkin' to [E]you dad - It's [G]sure nice [Bm]talkin' to[E] you"

And as I [D]hung up the [A/C#]phone it [Bm]occurred to me,
He'd [G]grown up [Bm]just like [E]me
My [G]boy was[Bm] just like [E]me
And the [E]cat's in the cradle and the [D]silver spoon, [G]Little boy blue and the [A]man in the moon
[E]"When you commin' home son?" "I [D]don't know when, But [G]we'll get [Bm]together then[E], Dad,
(slowly) . . . We're [G]gonna have a [Bm]good time [E]then"

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