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Blondie CDs

Future Release
Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision (2006)

Track Listing: Heart Of Glass, Sunday Girl, Atomic, Call Me, Tide Is High, The, Rapture, Maria, In The Flesh - (remix), Rip Her To Shreds, Denis, Picture This, Fade Away (And Radiate), Hanging On The Telephone, One Way Or Another, Dreaming, Union City Blue, Island Of Lost Souls...
Featured Item
Blondie Blondie - Live
Blondie - Live Special Edition

This recording of the group's latest concert features Deborah Harry at her sensuous best. Titles include "Heart of Glass," "Call Me," and "One Way or Another."
Hot Seller
Blondie Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines (1978) Remastered

Rolling Stone (10/31/02, p.135) - Ranked #6 in Rolling Stone's "Women In Rock: The 50 Essential Albums" - "...[Featuring] gemlike visions of obsessive love, equal parts jangle and reverie..." Rolling Stone (4/11/02, p.106) - Ranked #6 in Rolling Stone's "50 Coolest Records".
Highly Rated
Blondie Blondie
Blondie (1976) Remastered

Spin (11/01, p.137) - "...Their inauspicious 1976 sock-hop debut..." Entertainment Weekly (9/21/01, p.85) - "...Lays the pulpy melodrama on thick, with Debbie Harry coming on like a harried femme fatale..." - Rating: B+ Q (5/02 SE, p.134) - 4 stars out of 5 - Included in Q's...

Blondie CDs

Autoamerican (1980) Remastered  
Back To Back
Beautiful: The Remix Album (2003)  
Best Of Blondie (1999)  
Best Of Blondie (1981) 
Best Of Blondie (2003) 
Best Of Blondie (1999)  
Best Of Blondie
Blondie (1976) Remastered 
Blondie - The Curse of Blondie (2004) DualDisc
Blondie Live (1999) 
Curse Of Blondie (2004) Enhanced CD 
Eat To The Beat (1979) Remastered 
Essential Collection
Greatest Hits (2002) 
Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision (2006) 
Hunter (1982) Remastered  
Is The Name Of The Band
Live (1999)  
Live By Request (2004)  
Maximum Blondie (2004)  
Parallel Lines (1978) Remastered 
Plastic Letters (1977) Remastered 
Singles Box (2004) Box Set 
Blondie DVDs
Blondie - Live  Special Edition
Blondie - Live by Request (2004)  
Blondie - Live in New York (1999)  
Blondie - The Best of MusikLaden Live (1978)  
Blondie - Video Hits (2005)  
VH1 Behind the Music - Blondie (1999)
Blondie / Lemonheads - Heavy (1994) Widescreen
Blondie Imported CDs
Atomic (very Best Of) (1995) England; United Kingdom
Atomic-Very Best Of Blondie  Japan
Autoamerican (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +3 Bonus Tracks
Beautiful (remix Album) (2003) Argentina; United Kingdom
Beautiful (remix Album) (2003) Australia; United Kingdom
Beautiful-the Remix Album (2003) Holland; Netherlands
Best Live (+1 Bonus Track)  Japan +3 Bonus Tracks
Best Of Blondie   Japan
Best Of Blondie (Jpn LP Sleeve)   Japan
Blondie (1976)  United Kingdom
Blondie (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +5 Bonus Tracks
Blondie/Plastic Letters  Australia
Complete Picture (very Best Of)  Australia 
Curse Of Blondie (2004) Argentina 
Curse Of Blondie (+1 Bonus Track) (2004) Limited Edition; Netherlands
Curse Of Blondie (+3 Bonus Tracks) (2004) Japan +3 Bonus Tracks 
Eat To The Beat (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +4 Bonus Tracks
Essential Collection  Argentina
Greatest Hits  Japan
Greatest Hits (Sight & Sound) (+DVD-Pal/Rc-0)  England
Hunter  Import
Hunter  Japan +1 Bonus Track
Maximum Blondie (2004) England; United Kingdom
Parallel Lines (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +4 Bonus Tracks
Parallel Lines/Plastic Letters  Australia
Plastic Letters  Import
Plastic Letters (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +4 Bonus Tracks
Rapture Riders  
Singles Box
Ultra Selection  Holland; Netherlands
Blondie Singles
Good Boys  Australia 
Blondie Cassettes
Best Of Blondie (1981) 

Blondie Information 

Although the press and public were initially focused on singer Debbie Harry's model-like good looks, Blondie was one of the first new wave bands of the 1970s to experiment with other musical styles. Beginning as part of the '70s CBGB scene in New York, the band experienced massive commercial success when they merged their '60s girl-group-influenced punky pop with disco, reggae, and rap. After the group disbanded in the early '80s, Harry went on to a solo career and acted in numerous films. Blondie had a successful reunion in the late '90s, touring and releasing an album of new material that showed they were far from done

Blondie Albums
Eat To The Beat (1979) Remastered   
Parallel Lines (1978) Remastered   
Blondie (1976) Remastered   
Best Of Blondie (1981)   
The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones
Blondie Videos
Blondie Videos
Other Artists to Consider
Cher, David Bowie, Chicago, Elton John, Grand Funk Railroad, Kinks, Who, Yes, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, Deep Purple, Queen

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