Billy Bayou Guitar Tab

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Billy Bayou Guitar Tab

Billy Bayou Guitar Tab



Writer unknown


[C[Back about eighteen hundred and some
A Louisiana couple had a [G7]red-headed [C]son
No name suited him, Jim, Jack or Joe
So they just called him [G7]Billy Bay[C]ou

[F]Billy Billy Bayou [C]watch where you go
If you're [G7]walkin' on quicksand, [C]walk slow
[F]Billy Billy Bayou [C]watch what you say
A [G7]pretty girl'll get you [C]one of these days
A [G7]pretty girl'll get you [C]one of these days

Billy was a boy kinda big for his size
Had red hair, freckles and big blue eyes
Thirteen years from the day he was born
Billy fought the battle of the Little Big Horn


One fine day Billy cried "HO HO"
I can lick the feathers off of Gee-ron-imo
He started off, the chief got mad
This nearly ended our Louisiana lad  


One day in eighteen seventy-eight
A pretty girl walked through Bill's front gate
He didn't know whether to stand there or run
He wound up married cuz he didn't either one


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